Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So many tomatoes

Nearly all of the tomatoes left on vines are the paste varieties. The most successful slicer is clearly chefs choice orange. In still getting a few others like black Krim, green zebra, stupice, brandywine and lucky cross. I suppose the decreasing production of those at least makes the quantities manageable!

Cucumbers are pretty much done.

Okra is still producing slow but constant.

Didn't find any zucchini today.

Pulled some peaches, but they're very firm. The white faced yellow jackets don't want me to have the good ones.


Sue said...

It's almost kind of shocking when the zucchini finally quit, isn't it??? It's feast of famine with them!
Those tomatoes are sure beautiful. Which one ended up being your favorite?

Jeph said...

For canning, I would say Opalka. For slicing and eating - that's a tough call... I love Black Krim and Brandywine, but didn't get many of either this summer. The Chef's Choice Orange is realllllly good, and a great provider, but maybe because that was wait I ate most this summer, I wish I could've had more of the others?

Do you have favorites?