Monday, January 29, 2007


Oh my poor, poor Ali - when will you get to be extra pretty with the help of make-up again? Oh well, even all crazy-looking, you've still got the look!

*** Warning: some spoilers below if you haven't watched 'The Fix' yet ***

We watched last nite's Battlestar Galactica (good one with a real shocker ending!) and then started Heroes late (which helps for busting out the commercials). I have to confess that just before they started hitting us with the shockers at the end, I actually said to Brett "this one's starting to run a little long - hope it picks up!" (And remember, I usually LIKE the long slow build up on these shows!)

And then, POW!, the revelation about Claire's mom!?!? LOVED IT! The awakening of Sylar?! TOTALLY SURPRISD! (ok, not really - but they did it up nice, and now I wanna find out if he was there voluntarily or not) Sulu as Hiro's dad!? Ok, that was no surprise, darn it...otherwise the long drive to meet him might've had a better pay off.

I'm thinking I might want to retract my guess about Sylar staying there voluntarily in case they brought someone with powers. And not just because I'd never LET someone stick that thing in the back of my head (jeez that's gross)... He really wants Claire's power (OR he's her brother!? GASP! LOL). It's got serious value to him. If he'd had her power, then I would think he could've easily burned off the drugs they were using to sedate him, but instead it seemed like he went through hell. So having her powers is something he really wants, and therefore he doesn't have that level of healing/recovery yet... Hm. Did that make sense? Just randomly theorizing...

As always, Ando entertains me.

The back and forth between Nikki, DL and Micah's actually getting a little tiresome. I'm not sure why - I really loved the dynamic early on. Still, I'm real eager to see what happens with Nikki and the therapist. (Perhaps the therapist ALSO has powers! LOL)

I think it's odd Claire forgot to take down the wind chimes - that just seems like something she would've thought to do. She's a smart kid, thinking ahead of HRG since she had the book on manatees, did a little research, still ripping on Zack, etc. I wouldn't think she'd slip up and leave up the wind chimes. I do have to wonder if she's playing with Zack's life by bringing him back into the fold.

And so I'm guessing Claire's bio mom blew up (or maybe her bio dad cranks out oxygen? LOL), and so she thought she killed Claire? OR maybe she really gave up Claire, since she doesn't appear to be all that innocent after the preview for next week?

Yup, I'm gonna be antsy for next week's episode. How can they do this to us?!?!

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Alison said...

who do you think daddy is??? Linderman?? I just watched it last night and it was crazy.. I still don't understand the invisible man thing. Also I loved Claire;s mom fire ability, I wonder what dad does..