Wednesday, January 31, 2007

How many people does it take to change a light bulb?

VERY interesting article about a possible big change in how California's see things...incandescently, or flourescently!?

Ban traditional light bulbs? California eyes idea

Brett went through and changed a bunch of our bulbs to the flourescent variety a year or two ago. While they're definitely a "feel good" type thing (knowing we're saving electricity, putting out less heat, etc), one of the problems with them that just drove me nuts is that they sort of have to warm up...

It's dark, you flip on the light switch, and you just sort of feel like there's a haze in the air. Sure, it's subtle, and they DO warm up and get to their full brightness, but I found it to be a little annoying... (Besides, I get up while it's still dark out!)

That minor gripe aside, I'm all for this! Maybe California's going to keep leading some of these trends (did they ban smoking first? It's NICE going out and not having to deal with smokers anymore!)

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Dave E. said...

I have only one or two rarely used conventional bulbs left in my apartment; everything else is fluorescent (compact or otherwise). I even put up a string of all white LED lights that I bought at Christmas - makes a nice ambient light (if you like a very cool, to the point of being slightly bluish, light) and satisfies my penchant for LED lights.

I noticed that the 60W-equivalent CFL globes I bought for the bathroom are a little slow to warm up and reach full brightness, but I decided I kind of like the effect, especially if I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or when I get up in the morning - it's not so harsh on the eyes right at first. But yeah, I can also see it being bothersome, too.