Monday, September 24, 2007

Hot For Peter

Sorry - just to clarify, it's not THIS Peter my boyfriend just started yelling "HOOOOOT!" about...

...but, rather, THIS Peter...who I've always thought was a hottie, but Brett didn't care for one bit. At least until seeing with a new haircut, shirtless, covered in grime, and chained up! Who knew!

So - who else watched tonite's Heroes?! Your thoughts? Mine follow, so if you haven't watched it yet, skip the rest of this entry, as it's got spoilers.


Personally, it was good, but a bit slow. But I'm ok with slow build ups for stuff when I figure it's worth it in the long run.

I can totally understand the torture both Claire and her (adopted) father are going through. Can you imagine suffering through such mundane lives after all the excitement, adventure, and fear they've gone through!?

I'm sad Sulu was killed off. Hiro will be devastated to find out his dad is dead, Ando (who's even cuter this season - love the big anime hair!) will of course feel major guilt, and hey, it was fun knowing someone from old Star Trek was on the show. Oh well - we'll have the appearance (addition!?) of Nichele Nichols (Uhura) at some point. Hey - maybe SHE killed Sulu - how fun would that be!?

Enjoying wondering what's going on with the Maya and her brother. From stuff I'd read about upcoming episodes, I thought maybe her power would be that she goes all lizardy - guess not. Black goo from the eyes of her victims?! Hm! Maybe she's got that black alien oil goo from X-Files years ago!?

Not sure I love the odds that Claire crossed paths with another guy with powers so conveniently.

I like Matt again this season, but feel they wrapped up the storyline with his (now ex-)wife and all that too easily. I liked her. And the little girl he and Suresh are taking care of ("My Two Dads" anyone?) - that actress just seems too "on"...too confident!?

Is the group the guy who's trying to hire Suresh (let's call him Midas til they give us a name I remember) works for - is that the same group that Peter, Nathan and Hiro's parents work for?

Oh, PS - Maya - the girl who kills people unless her brother is around (so he's a power canceller? For just her, or anyone with powers?) - in case you don't recognizer her, she played the mutant Callisto in X-Men 3 - the punk girl with fast fighting skills and the ability to detect other mutants. Gotta say, she's a lot hotter in this!

Ok, so who saw it and what do you think?

Oh, and did anyone watch Big Bang Theory (the comedy between How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men)? We were laughing our asses off, and had multiple "must rewind and watch again" bits. And HIMYM was funny as always. Love the tattoo (what was that called? Skank Tag? I forget now), and the count down to Slack Back! Woo hoo!


the ginger tabby said...

Hey...our Peter's pretty hot, too ;)

Dave E. said...

Our Peter not withstanding, I thought the same thing about Peter Petrelli -- or, the mutant formerly known as Peter Petrelli? Love the new haircut, and yeah, all shackled and grimy >:-}

I thought the pace was appropriate, but agree it's a little too convenient the way Claire's met "another" already (though she doesn't know it yet.)

I still haven't gotten to HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory; a LOT of TV happening tonight, and I was watching Ken Burns' "The War" on PBS. After all, I don't want my brain to turn to complete mush! ;-)

Peter said...

Hey, our Peter's pretty hot, too!


I agree - Milo never looked so good on Gilmore Girls (and he annoyed the heck out of me on that show). A slow start, yes, but with promise for this season, I think.

the ginger tabby said...

Where's Allison when we need her?? ;)

I was telling her that I loved the song by Fergie called, "Big Girls Don't Cry" (don't shoot me because I like the song!). Allison, of course, doesn't like the song but then she sent me a video of the song, with Milo in it! She likes the song a bit more now that he's in the video :)

Jeph said...

I'm with Allison on the Fergie thing, but am willing to watch the video to see if Milo is drool-worth in it! ;-)

Allison said...

So Jeph, did you watch the video?

I havent' watched Heroes yet, but I have checked out a few of the new shows....Dirty Sexy Money (I will give it another go), Hot Shots (not good - but good eye candy - Michael Vartan and Dylan McDermott in one show, hello!), Journeyman (not bad, but Kevin McKidd is so compelling to watch). I have Pushing Daisies on the PVR - will get to that too.

Jeph said...

How was Pushing Daisies. That's one we missed and I'm not gonna try to track down to watch - we have too much tv already!

Nope, didn't track down that Fergie video yet - will try to remember to do so soon!

And I agree, while we haven't actually watched an episode, the Journeyman guy is real easy on the eyes! ;-)