Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm a bad boy

I couldn't resist!

Once every few years I get the taste for Jacob's Twiglets - a very pungeant tasting crackery snack that looks like twigs from a tree - something I first had as a kid in England. It looks like you can get them from Amazon, but I always order from Brits USA or have been lucky enough to find them locally in a specialty store. And hey, if I'm gonna order some Twiglets, I might as well get a few other tasty treats, riiiiight!?

Mmmm good! Plus, Julie at work said she'd be willing to try Twiglets... Most people are afraid of them - they've got quite a different flavor. Almost like liquid smoke!?


Peter said...

So, THOSE are Twiglets.


Never had them before.

I should point Allison to this entry - you two can compare British food fetishes. Heck, so can I, and even FXK goes for Ribena!

Allison said...

Mmm....the Walkers brand of biscuits. Yum! I also have never had Twiglets. I see the packets when I go to specialty British food stores, but have never bought any.

My fave British crisps are Ringolos from Marks and Spencer.