Sunday, February 17, 2013

Virgin snow

Doogie's gonna have to do something about that!

We still haven't had a ton of snowfall this winter.  Sure, there was the day-after-Christmas whallop of snow, but we had to drive back in that, and it didn't last forever.  I'd rather be sitting inside watching it fall, or out in the backyard with the dogs while it's happening, rather than driving all day in it, seeing all the cars backwards in ditches to either side.

What we got overnight at least painted a nice fresh coat of clean, fluffy white on top of everything.  It looks pretty clumped up on the trees, and there's still some medium sized flurries falling.  Nothing like what mom and dad got hit with in NY last week - the pictures dad sent were amazing!

I keep thinking there's still a chance for some serious snowfall left this winter.  I know the extended forecasts I looked at a month or so ago implied we'd have an early spring, but we usually get enough snow for a snow-day or two off work in February - so there's still time...


Sherry said...

Yes, we got a real dumping of snow last week and now several inches overnight. . . enough to cover up the dirty snow. I'm ready for warm sunny T-shirts and sandals weather!

Jeph said...

Let's wait a couple more months. ;-)