Monday, March 25, 2013

Round two

I saw these homeknit socks by Cassy over at Knit The Hell out a short while back - and thought they looked really cool and wanted to give them a go.  I admit it's more about the yarn colors since Cassy admitted to me she knits so many socks that it sounds like she doesn't have a particular pattern to pass along for this specific pair.

I got the yarn and needles required, never having knit anything with sock yarn before, and then just admired the project up in my head, thinking sock yarn looked really intimidating.  I mean, it's SOOOO skinny!

Then I decided to give 'em a go in late February, just before we drove up to my parents' in NY for my mom's and my shared bday week.  While there I tried picking up the needles to continue working on the socks, when at some point I suddenly came up with the end of the yarn in my hand.  Wait, what?

Turns out mom and dad's cat Maggie May decided to chew through the yarn while I was working on the socks!  NOOOO!  I wove together the two chewed-through ends and kept going.

Only the further along I got (only a couple inches along the foot from the toe-end), I realized I was making them WAY too big.  While I like that for my heavy duty "oversocks" with worsted weight yarn, these sock-weight guys were going to need to be a better fit.

I got fed up with them.  Annnnd I ripped them out, balling up the yarn and figuring I'd start over sometime soon.  Well, I've just finished two other projects I was working on, and figured, eh, time to try taking on something for me again.

So - let's get these socks started... AGAIN! Fingers crossed I get it right this time around!

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anne marie in philly said...

oooooooh, pretty yarn!

I have had to put several of my projects in the time-out corner in the past; they refused to be knit and I got tired of fighting with them. when they DID come out of the corner, they were on their best behavior!

my meredith kitty has split my yarn like that; such sharp teeth she has! you just carry on.