Thursday, August 22, 2013


Check out the Chicago Winter Hardy fig that overwintered in the ground outside!

In case you don't know your figs, it's the large leaved exotic looking plant growing upward along the right side of the picture, in front of the arbor vitae.  Now it's shown no signs of fruiting yet, buuuut I'm starting to wonder if it's not going to surprise me.  It got a slow start this season, not helped by my accidentally breaking off one of it's branches, but then that central branch/trunk you see there?  I think it was only about half that tall a week ago!  It's really decided to take who knows what'll happen.  I might actually need to consider staking it - I can see a strong wind storm coming along and just snapping it in half.

And if you look waaay in the background, you can see Doogie - does that count as a photobombing if he was already there relaxing?

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