Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tomato disappointment

More disappointment in the garden this year...

Here's a couple of my Black Krim tomatoes.  I LOVE Black Krim - one of my favorites!  have to grow it every year!

And I'm not certain I'll even get to enjoy any this's just that bad.

We went from too early of a planting that got partially frosted, then way too wet, way too hot, way too wet again, and now it's way too cold.  Seriously...we're having some nights as low as 48F - and that's in mid-August!  I've picked off so many of the lower leaves/branches on the tomatoes to stop some of the usual disease progression that splashes it's way from the soil up into the plants, but that's just not cutting it.  You can see the dead, shriveled leaves in the background, and look at those tomatoes.  Gross!

If it was just the scarring, cat facing etc (like the bottom of the upper tomato), that would be fine - just cut it off.  But you can see that tomato is also dripping.  That's not a good sign!!!  And the bottom tomato?  Ew.  I think it's dying from the inside out.

Both of these tomatoes got chucked into the pond - let the fish eat the good parts.  I'm just hoping I get some good ripe tomatoes this year...

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