Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tomatoes at last!

Well it's about time! First cherry tomatoes ripe on the vine (Snow White and Black Cherry)!  It looks like I might get some Black Krim tomatoes this week, but none of the other slicing tomatoes are showing any signs of fruit being close to ripening. In fact, many are now having tomatoes that are half black, looking almost like charcoal on one side. I'm wondering if this is from the season being too wet?

And I found this tromboncino squash hiding in the corn and pole beans - I was really worried I wasn't going to get any more after the first one, which I have to Cindy. So many of my squash and zucchini plants are dying off, although there's the one tough-as-nails ribbed variety (seeds from Andy and Kelli) that's still producing reliably.  I haven't seen any more squash vine borer moths lately, but the squash bug larvae are out in full force. It's been hard to treat for them with garden dust, when it's just gotten washed off with frequent rains.

The little broccoli stalks are still coming from this spring's planting, although I suspect the plants that are the replacements from a local garden center, and not home started survivors from the great slaughterfest from the bunnies (pre-chicken wire).  I've got quite a few more broccoli plants in now, started about a month and a half ago from seed, and as soon as I can free up more space, more of the different varieties of broccoli seedlings can go in.

One more pickling cucumber to add to those in the fridge. I need to look for a small batch recipe - maybe refrigerator bread and butter pickles that will only make a jar or two at a time?

Oh, and the one dark green tomato I found on the ground. Not sure why it dropped. Maybe I'll slice, bread and fry it!?

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